Reduce Alcohol

Reduce alcohol

Do you unwind with a glass of something in the evening? It’s easy to let the occasional, relaxing drink turn into several glasses most days.

Regularly drinking more than the recommended amount is a risk to your health, so cutting back makes sense. Whether you’re cutting alcohol out of your life completely or cutting down gradually, you’re bound to look and feel better quickly.

In the short term, you might have more energy, sleep better, feel less moody or lose weight. In the long term, you’ll be reducing your risk of cancer, liver disease and heart disease. You could also lower your blood pressure. 

How we can help reduce alcohol

Our Live Well Stay Well Coaches can help you to identify if your alcohol consumption puts you at risk, provide motivational support and refer you to free services for additional support. We work alongside a specialist support organisation who can offer further advice.

We may be more likely to drink alcohol if we are feeling stressed, worried or down. If you think that there is a link between your drinking habits and how you are feeling help is available throughout Buckinghamshire from Healthy Minds.

Our top tips:

  • Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis
  • Spread your drinking over three or more days
  • If you want to cut down, try and have several drink free days each week

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