Getting More Active

Getting More Active

Being active - what’s in it for me?

Increasing your physical activity levels gives you immediate health benefits. Being more active can help change how you feel both mentally and physically, giving you more energy, helping you relax and improving concentration.  There are lots of different ways you can start to get more active, Live Well Stay Well will help you find out more and choose which option you think will work for you.

On this page you will find useful online resources, information and advice to help you to reach your physical activity goals. 

A new local initiative called 'Active Communitities' is now available, click here to find out more.

If you would like to increase the amount of physical activity you do and maintain your new routine, Live Well Stay Well can support you. By registering your details on our secure online form, you will have access to range of services to choose from as well as our self-assessment tools, digital goal setting and lots of other online resources too.  Why not register your details and find out what services and support is available?  

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Did you know?

Fitting small amounts of activity into your daily routine can be easier than you think!

Getting More Active

Our top tips

  • Try to reach 150 minutes of physical activity per week; housework counts!
  • Can you walk to work or walk in your lunch break? 
  • Do 10 minute bursts of activity if you are finding it hard to fit exercise in
  • Exercise on the same day & at the same time each week
  • Arrange to do something active with a friend



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