Care and Support Planning

What is Care and Support Planning?

Care and Support Planning is a way for people with a long term condition, such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), dementia and cardiovascular disease (CVD) to decide with health care professional support how their condition can best be managed. Care and Support Planning is being introduced across Buckinghamshire.

How does Care and Support Planning work?

If you have a long term condition, you will be invited to attend the GP surgery or clinic about two weeks before your annual review to have all of your usual health checks and measurements taken.

You will then be able to look at these results before your actual annual review appointment, giving you a chance to think about what the results mean to you. During the annual review appointment you can discuss your results and raise any concerns, ask questions or discuss anything you are unsure about. 

You will also be able to explore what support is available to help you manage your condition, including services such as Live Well Stay Well which offers practical support for a healthy  lifestyle.  By the end of the review appointment you will have created a plan with your health care professional about how best to manage your condition . This is called your ‘Care Plan’ or ‘Action Plan’.

How is this different?

Care and Support Planning is designed to enable a two-way meaningful discussion between you and your GP Surgery to enable you to be more in control of your condition, and stay healthy for longer.

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