New physical activity guidelines released

In September 2019 the Chief Medical Officers from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland issued an update to the physical activity guidelines from 2011. Since the last report there has been growing evidence of the health benefits from exercise and so they want to encourage everyone to increase their activity levels.  The guidelines are intended to be used by health professionals and others to provide information for individuals and communities about how much and what type of activity they should be doing to improve their health.

The guidelines cover all age groups and also include guidance for disabled adults and for pregnancy and after giving birth. There is also updated infographics to bring the guidelines to life and make them easy to understand and use.

The report highlights the importance of strength and balance exercise as it was felt these weren’t focussed on enough in 2011. Strengthening exercises are important to help build strong muscles and healthy bones in childhood and maintain strength and delay the natural decline of muscle mass and bone density in adults and older adults. Also highlighted are the health risks of inactivity and sedentary behaviour.

The full report can be found here where you will find the full guidance and infographics for each population group and more information on the benefits of and reasons to exercise.