We are Undefeatable - helping those with long term conditions be more active.

We are Undefeatable is a recently launched national campaign to help the 15 million people in England living with long term conditions build more activity into their lives.

Research has shown that 69% of those with a long term condition would like to be more active but they felt that energy and pain were barriers to being more active, as well as feeling their condition was too unpredictable to build activity into their routines. It was also found that 66% of those asked felt that being more active would help them improve their condition including a more positive sense of health and wellbeing. However 24% were worried that being more active would make their symptoms worse.

One in four of the people in England live with a long term condition and they are twice as likely to be inactive. However being active may help with managing many conditions as well as reduce the impact and severity of some symptoms.

We are Undefeatable was launched to help inspire and support those living with long term conditions to begin their journey to being more active. This will be different for each individual depending on what they find manageable as well how they are feeling day to day.

The campaign website includes inspirational stories of how those with long term conditions have got more active and tips for getting started. It also has ideas of ways to be more active including being more active for free and being more active at home.

There are also resources available to help promote the campaign including social media images, posters and credit card sized conversation starter cards. These can be downloaded or ordered from the Campaign Resource Centre.