Health benefits from strength and balance exercises

We all know that we should be doing regular exercise but the results of a recent review by Public Health England showed that this shouldn’t just be aerobic exercise.  Strengthening and balance exercise has also been shown to be beneficial to our health and we should be doing this type of exercise at least a couple of times each week.


Exercise that improves strength and balance can include ball games and racket sports, dancing, Nordic Walking, exercises involving weights, yoga and Tai Chi.  Even normal day to day activity, for example, heavy gardening such as digging and shoveling, carrying the shopping and climbing the stairs can count, as long as you are working your muscles more than normal.


This kind of exercise has many benefits. They increase your muscles’ size and strength, maintain bone density, improve the strength of your legs and reduce joint pain. It can help us remain well when we are young and as we get older this can reduce our risk of falls which can lead to injury.  Exercising can slow down bone and muscle loss that is associated with ageing, helping us maintain our ability to carry out every day tasks as we get older, meaning we can stay independent. Other benefits may include improved mood, increased energy levels, better sleeping patterns and reduced risk of an early death.