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Live Well Stay Well is a FREE health improvement service available to anyone over the age of 18.  We are experts in working with members of the public and supporting them to make changes to their lifestyles that lead to a healthier life.

If you are interested in, or have been advised to eat a bit more healthily, be a bit more physically active, reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, lose some weight or stop smoking, we're here to help you make those changes and stick to them.  If you would like support with the emotional challenges of managing a long term health condition, our Live Well Practitioners can offer a range of different types of support to help you cope and prevent your long term health condition stopping you from doing the things you want to in life.

We support you through 1:1 interactions with a dedicated Live Well Stay Well Coach who will listen to what you would like to achieve and then help you design your personal pathway to a healthier life. 

We're not interested in the latest fad diet, cutting out your favourite food or drink or wearing you out in the gym. Our goal is to support you to make small, proven changes that will help you to make real improvements to your health, achieve your goals and make healthy habits a long term part of your life.

Don't worry, we're not going to ask you to sign up to a contract or take up hours of your time. All we ask is that you commit to an initial assessment over the telephone and do your best to make the changes you want to make.

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